Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short segment on vaccines

There are many great sites you can view to educate yourself on the pros and cons of vaccinating children. There is a great site connected to this blog and one on Scroll down and click on the children's photos to read their stories. There are thousands of stories like this on the web but it seems to be very hard to find any stories about unvaccinated children dying.
The subject has come up recently by a few different people so I thought I would just do a short rant and make sure everyone can locate these sites.

Here goes...
Each generation is subjected to more vaccinations and, as a result, is experiencing more immune dysfunction diseases. Many children have as many as twenty-two vaccinations before they go to the first grade, and as more vaccines become available, the number keeps increasing.
Vaccines are toxic mixtures loaded with various substances that never should be injected into the human body -including foreign proteins and dangerous viruses from chickens, guinea pigs, calves and monkeys. Some researchers believe these viruses put a permanent burden on our immune system and do continuous damage both to the immune and nervous systems.
Vaccines also contain toxic chemicals, like mercury (a neurotoxin), ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), formaldehyde (a carcinogen), aluminum (a carcinogen and also associated with Alzheimer's), plus antibiotics like Streptomycin (Which can cause allergic reactions). Even the FDA has called for cessation of mercury in vaccines.
Decisions about whether to vaccinate your children, should be based on accurate information. Unfortunately, the public has had little access to research questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.
To avoid an infectious disease, you don't need to have vaccinations; you need to keep your immunity strong. From the beginning, breastfeeding protects against many infections. Avoid allergenic foods like milk and wheat. Refined sugars are well known to depress immunity. Regular exercise, a good diet, and avoidance of allergens and toxins help to maintain a healthy immune system.
Finding any studies that prove vaccines' effectiveness is difficult. Recent worldwide outbreaks of virulent forms of TB have demonstrated that alleged "protection" by TB vaccine has little to do with whether or not anyone contracts the disease.
-excerpts from Never Be Sick Again
Health Is a Choice Learn How to Choose It.
Raymond Francis

Not meant to be used as medical advice, you must choose what is right for your child.
This is strictly my opinion.

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